The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? You Decide.


The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie?

In an earlier post, I wrote about my quest for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the planet. For the good of my fellow humans and in the name of Science I have unselfishly continued to tinker with the recipe — and consume the results. 

Recently, I decided to try using Guittard Semisweet Chocolate Mini Chips in the recipe instead of regular-sized chips. Eureka! The result was a cookie that has bits of melted chocolate throughout, balancing nicely with the crispy, lightly salted cookie base. Could this finally be the Holy Grail of chocolate chip cookie recipes? Only time, further testing–and your comments–will tell. Here’s the updated recipe: (more…)


Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chunk Cookies


One of my life’s missions is to find the very best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I expect a lot from this cookie; it has to be soft and chewy in the middle, and yet somehow also be crispy around the edges. It has to have just the right proportion of chocolate to dough. And speaking of the dough, that has to be good in and of itself – buttery, sweet but not too sweet, with just the tiniest hint of saltiness to provide balance.

This recipe gets pretty darned close to my ideal. The dough includes a mixture of butter and shortening to provide both flavor and structure. I used Sharffen Berger 62% Cacao semisweet chocolate, which is one of my favorite chocolates for cooking and baking (I find the bittersweet a little too bitter, but that’s a matter of personal preference). Chopping some of the chocolate into large pieces and some into very fine pieces means that there are little flecks of melted chocolate running throughout the dough along with some big, melty chunks:


 This recipe (more…)

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