Chocolate Pecan Torte – Favorite Cake for Three Generations


You have to pity my mother for the day she first served me a slice of her favorite Chocolate Pecan Torte. I was 7 or 8 at the time, and after one bite I declared that this was the cake I wanted for my birthday, always. But her glorious cake isn’t made from a box mix or even a basic from-scratch recipe. No, the famous cake batter is made from ground pecans instead of flour, and preparing the recipe is guaranteed to trash your kitchen and get a minimum of seven bowls, saucepans and baking dishes dirty.

Alas, generations are destined to repeat the mistakes of their elders. And so it was that as soon as my baby daughter had graduated from pablum I fed her a bite of my birthday cake and she declared that this was the cake she wanted for her birthday, too, from that year forward always and forever.

 The cake itself is tender and amazing; the ground pecans are held together with the tiniest bit of flour and the batter is flavored with fresh orange juice and lightened with whipped egg whites. Between the layers is a soft whipped cream flavored with grated orange peel. The topping is a dark chocolate ganache. The sum of the parts is just off-the-scale good.

Here’s the recipe, (more…)

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